Booty Blast Bar Classes

All Classes Listed Are Held At Las Vegas Athletic Clubs.


For more information on Specialty Classes or to set up a class at your facility please contact Ashley at 702.370.5916 or
Ashley's schedule

Class Descriptions and Rates:

Basic Classes - Booty Blast B.A.R.® classes are FREE at all LVAC locations to all LVAC members. Basic classes are given in a fun and friendly format and accommodate all fitness levels!

Specialty Sessions  - Specialty sessions are $15 per person per hour and contain 3 or more people. Specialty sessions are tailor made to meet your groups’ needs. Perfect for the dance team gearing up for competition, the busy-mom bunch, the working women’s workout on lunch break or anyone with special goals!

Private Sessions – Private sessions are $50 per hour. Private sessions offer one-on-one instruction
for anyone with very specific goals and/or very
tight schedules. Private sessions may be
scheduled around the clock and will get you
ready for the upcoming audition, photo shoot or
bikini trip! Private classes are also useful for
those seeking to learn more about Booty Blast B.A.R.® posture and technique.


Find a Certified Booty Blast B.A.R. ® Instructor in your area.
Kimber Dunkley, Las Vegas, NV
Ashley Onstott, Las Vegas, NV
Debbie Mizrahi, Henderson, NV
Toshie Bertsch, Las Vegas, NV
Mary Reel, Las Vegas, NV
Darcie Hubber, Chicago, IL
Diana Cummins, Las Vegas, NV
Olga Tsuremicheva, Russia
Shellee Riggio 
Kauai Kapaa